Whether it is for your personal finance or for a small business in Tempe, Scottsdale, Maricopa County, if you don’t have a strong accounting background, it can become tedious to do your taxes. Unless you have a thorough idea of how the system works, and how complicated it can get, it is best to leave such matters in the hands of someone who understands them completely.


An increase in the number of tax preparations done by software has many people believing that the entire process can be managed with the press of a button. Sure, a tax software makes the approach easier and faster, but can it assess your situation and guide you through every detail?


How using tax software can be more tiring than appointing an accountant


If you have not used a tax software before, you may end up spending hours just understanding how it works. Some of them may be user-friendly, but will still require you to manually update them frequently. It can take up considerable amount of your time, which you could have put to better use. You are also solely responsible for the data you collect that needs to go into the software.


Most people consider E-filing to be a convenient and inexpensive way of filing taxes. However there are many drawbacks associated with it. Even though tax software provides ample security, it still carries the risk of identity theft. Your passwords and financial data may get stolen by a malware infection or your account could be hacked.


Professional accountants give you a more personalized service


Your tax software can’t always analyze your situation and come up with the perfect solution for you. However, if you decide to hire an accountant, he/she can make valuable suggestions for your benefits. Using your unique situation, an accountant can come up with ideas that can help reduce your tax liability and maximize your deductions. These professionals have detailed information regarding tax structures. They can solve your issues a lot faster than any software. If you have many diverse investments, you’ll need an expert to take care of them and hiring an accountant can help you in such situations.


Apart from managing your taxes, a professional accountant can help you with other money managing services. He/She can answer all your finance related questions and give you tips on saving money.


Before you decide to use tax software we highly encourage you to take advantage of our free tax consultation so we at Wealthnest tax services can show you the quality difference of an actual professional accountant preparing your personal or business taxes.