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Over the last decade, we’ve learned quite a bit about the kind of clients that gravitate toward our proprietary nestology™ process and philosophy. We know most advisors are someone who you meet with once a year they spend 10 minutes and tell you what you owe. That just really isn’t us.

Our clients are from all walks of life. Successful entrepreneurs, small business owners, engineers and mechanics. They all share one quality they come to Wealthnest for something simplified, something convenient, something complete…something different. They express concerns like, “My advisor doesn’t offer more advanced tax advice.” My advisor doesn’t make things understandable.”

We want to help those who really need a partner when it comes to their tax and financial future. Below are just a few of the more common issues our clients face.

Long-Term & Short-Term Capital Gains
Estate and gift tax issues
Tax Planning for Charitable Giving
Deducting Pass-Through Entity Income
Better coordination between your tax & financial planning
Advanced tax planning for employer benefit plans.

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